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SHIFT Digital is 100% focused on digital advertising. We believe in craft, and digital advertising is our craft. This allows us to be the best possible strategic partner. Trusted experts in Search Engine Marketing, Paid Social, Display and Video. Whatever the stage, we find room to profitably grow your business.

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Honest & Ethical

Relationships built on trust produce the best results. No smoke and mirrors, no surprises. Unless it’s your birthday.

Goal Obsessed

Every strategy, tactic, and optimization – every move – exists to serve a business objective. If it doesn’t, then it doesn’t belong.

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Battle Tested

Our team has impacted global tech giants and niche enthusiast brands alike. Over a decade of measurable success.


Not all science, or all art. At its best Digital Media combines expert knowledge, technology, and a healthy dose of gut.

Truth & Transparency

Seriously. Nothing to hide. No wizard behind the curtain. No "proprietary" fluff that we "can't show you". Your money. Your ad accounts. Your right to always know that you are in the hands of experts that you can trust.


Paid Search

The cornerstone of digital media plans. Paid search captures the intent based customer with their hand in the air. Full funnel coverage from awareness to conversion.


Paid Social

Gone are the days of brands asking if they should be active on social. The audience, the targeting, the measurement – all there to ensure these platforms are serious revenue drivers.



Youtube, Facebook, Instagram – the list goes on. If you’re not leveraging video, you’re not being effective. Video is a powerful asset to engage users across the purchase funnel.



The landscape is noisier than ever. You’re fighting for your customer’s attention. Remarketing engages custom website audiences with key messaging to ‘win the second chance’.



Google Display Network, Programmatic, Native, Publisher Direct Buys – Display is a great channel for prospecting new customers and for remarketing.



All data is not good data. The metrics should tell a clear story. We practice actionable data. No noise, no vanity metrics. Clearly visualized metrics, in custom dashboards, that drive smart decisions.

No long-term contracts

We anticipate long relationships, but we don’t believe in holding onto clients via a piece of paper. Instead, we prefer to retain clients with results. If you need to say when, say when. For any reason.

Our Crew Has Impacted:

* Transparency Disclaimer: This list represents some of the brands our team has expertly served - not always as part of SHIFT.

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